After Jet Li (李連杰) and Nina Li (利智) were married in 1999, they migrated to America and focused on taking care of their children. Recently on a Chinese show, it is rare to see that Jet compliments his wife: “She does not mind about how others look at her and hopes they will forget her. She is a normal human being and housewife who looks after her family. She lives for her husband and does not care even if others try to make her happy. She only cares about her two children and treats her husband well. I am busy working and she wants to take care of her children. It is good for herself and the society though.”

When mentioned about falling down from the stage around 12th levels high while filming Fearless (霍元甲) movie in 2005, Jet was fine upon falling on the grass at the time but turned out to suffer from inner injury: “I feel fine after the first and second day in Xueshan and realise that I suffer from incontinence on the fourth and fifth day. Subsequently, my breathing starts to become very weak and they carry the oxygen tank but cannot use it eventually and everyone only looks at it. It gives me a deep impression as I can no longer withstand it. Thus, I try to walk down from the mountain at night and it resembles a life and death encounter after walking for 3 hours. I remembered I was carried away thereafter and begin to think about the value of money. I will not hesitate to buy an oxygen tank immediately even if it costs $1 million. I will get a second life in return and you cannot buy it with $1 million.”

In addition checking about the fake death and disability rumours, Jet felt tired of it yearly and decided to ignore it since it was impossible to respond to every gossip. As Jet is 55 years old and when reminded that he was pointed to resemble 80 years old in a photo earlier, he behaved calmly and said: “Who does not grow old? My happiness will not be affected by the news and comments.”

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