Nancy Sit (薛家燕) experiences failed marriage and believes in gain and loss in every matter. Despite a difficult process, but it makes her stronger and fortunately, her three children are sensible. Hence, her wish comes true when her son plans to settle down and Nancy revealed her happy tears at his wedding banquet. As her hard work have paid off eventually, Nancy is currently building a happy image.

Nancy said with smiles: “I will only look beautiful if feeling happy. How to make myself happy? As it affects my hormones and my face becomes brown with spots when feeling upset. Thus no matter what, I must be strong and believe in my ability to resolve every matter. Plus, it gives me enriching experiences. (No hatred for your ex-husband now?) I feel devastated at the time but thank him for giving me three children. I do not deny it is burden but motivates me to work hard to support my children. I finally reap the results now.”

In addition, Nancy thanked many people for the past 60 years. She thanked her children for their sensibility and doing many touching things for her, and they did not complain about her busy workload. Nancy also thanked her colleagues in TVB for accommodating her schedule to take care of her kids and a successful career. She has worked for TVB for 22 years and time passes quickly indeed.

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