Candy Lo (羅霖) expressed she would be taking a private plane to shoot an advertisement in Japan and taking her son along at the dinner banquet with Sharon Luk (陸詩韻), Anne Heung (向海嵐) and Carisa Yan (甄詠珊) at Mong Kok.

After the advertisement, Candy would be planning to travel to Israel for 12 days with her good friend (鄭明明) and 50 team members and it was a place that she wanted to visit all along: “I cannot bear to leave my son and stop my work. Perhaps the god is testing if I will give up money for him. Hopefully I will gain more after coming back and having money is the most realistic. We will be washing ourselves at Jordan river. The local temperature is around 10 degree Celsius and I have prepared my swimsuit and diving suit. What makes me most worried is the food as I love to eat and will be buying stock directly after my work in Japan.”

As for Sharon, she would be shooting Forensic Heroes IV (法證先鋒4) drama soon and the last season happened 10 years old. She would be filming the tour show in Australia, Adelaide and when asked about considering to try “bungy jump”, Sharon said: “Nope as I have fear of heights and must take care of my body well now.”

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