Michelle Ye (葉璇) is issued with “restricted luxury expenditure” including going to star-rated motels and hotels, travelling and going for holidays. She must apply for the approval from the court before proceeding with such activities and will be either fined or detention if disobeys the court order.

On 20th October 2018, Michelle remained active and shared several photos on Weibo. It turns out that her “old love”, Mr Mo (小默先生) sets up a medical centre and Michelle gives 3 flowers and 3 hearts symbols to show her support.

Apparently, Michelle and Mr Mo show their love in the air frequently and rumours of their wedding bells begin to surface gradually. However in August 2018, it becomes “separation” gossips and Michelle was involved in a lawsuit with Mr Mo’s ex-girlfriend, Ms Lu (呂小姐). Since she supports him openly, is Michelle hinting that her status as Mr Mo’s girlfriend remains unchanged?

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