Annie Liu (劉心悠) and Meg Lam (林建明) attended the press conference of the charity run (心晴跑‧跑傳情). Annie hoped to participate in the run as she usually went for running, playing tennis and eating to reduce stress. She revealed she tried two “first time” in her life including performing ballet stage play and visiting the refugees in Africa: “Many ballet dancers perform on the stage after practising for 20 years and I feel elated to join in this time. Practising dancing needs stamina and the instructor comments that my body is considered flexible.”

Annie revealed she went for a flu vaccination a few days ago before Africa trip: “My friends ask me if I want to take a bullet proof vest and I am not very worried about the security, as I am going to the city. I will be wearing long sleeve top and insurance as afraid of diarrhoea and getting bitten by insects. I will be bringing camera and canned food as well.”

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