39 years old Niki Chow (周勵淇) remains single and met a guy who was interested to know her in a plane a couple of days ago. However, the opposite party’s method of knowing girls made her felt shocked and she even described it as “fatal attraction”.

Niki revealed the entire encounter on Instagram: “I fell asleep in the plane immediately after finishing my work. A man woke me up suddenly and asked if I was from Shandong. I told him nope and he asked where I came from. I ignored him and continued to sleep, but he asked for my mobile number this time. I ignored him again and he begun to speak vulgarity. At this time, I was fully awake and asked him where he was from and he was a rude man. People used to say sweet romance usually happens in the plane but mine is a “fatal attraction”. #furious #scolded for no reason #anything can happen in this world.”

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