Gigi Lai (黎姿) shared photo of her younger brother, Stephen Lai (黎嬰) and herself online on 23rd October 2018. It is a surprise to see that he is standing besides Gigi as Stephen was on a wheelchair after a car accident many years ago.

Gigi left an emotional message: “I feel there is a massive energy supporting and encouraging me whenever feeling tired. My brother is fighting for his life for more than 10 years and remains positive despite losing the ability to walk. Whenever I encounter work difficulties, he will always motivate me in my medical beauty centre business and passion in my life. Today, my brother finally stands up and meets everybody. I feel very touched and his determination spurs me to work harder.”

Gigi and Stephen have close bondings all along and she paid the school fees for his university degree and feel proud of his achievements in the medical beauty centre. In 2007, Stephen met a serious car accident when taking a cab home and he fell into a coma for 2 months. Fortunately, he managed to regain conscious and Gigi announced her withdrawal from showbiz , as she helped to manage his medical beauty centre business after the car accident and got married to rich man, Patrick Ma (馬廷強).

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