54 years old Wayne Lai (黎耀祥) and his wife, Julia Leung (梁耀蓮) are known as a loving couple in showbiz and have a son who turned 21 years old earlier. Both expressed their desires to have a baby daughter and Julia followed Wayne everywhere as his manager. A few days ago in the afternoon, East Week (東周) discovered Wayne and Julia were browsing around in the shopping mall and she was dressed in a loose dress with a growing stomach. Looks like there is a high chance that Julia could be pregnant.

The reporters saw Wayne treated his wife like a precious and held her hands tightly. He appeared nervous when a staff was trying to clear the water on the floor and gave his opinions when Julia was looking at the jewellery. From the surface, Wayne seemed anxious to give her a present but nothing caught Julia’s eyes and they left empty-handed eventually.

Credit To: https://eastweek.my-magazine.me/main/82153