Elaine Ng (吳綺莉) attended the worshipping ceremony of ViuTV series (理想國) and when mentioned about her daughter, Etta Ng (吳卓林) and her “fiancee”, Andi were living in Canada, she admitted her blunt and anxious character were changed after the past 2 years experiences. Elaine understood the reason for cooling down and handling the problem together. Asking if she kept in contact with her daughter, Elaine said: “I shoot an advertisement earlier and she praises I look well. I say thanks to her and it is considered an improvement. It is really not easy to be a good mother and we will worry about our children even when they grow up.”

Elaine disclosed she was clueless if Etta was earning a living by playing live broadcast and needed to show respect since she will be turning 20 years old soon. Revealing that Etta changed her last name to Zen, Elaine said: “It is a small matter and I can even change my surname to Lai. (19th November is Etta’s birthday?) I have no idea about the celebration and will not travel to Canada to visit her.”

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