It becomes a heated discussion upon airing Hong Kong and Taiwan series, Elite Brigade IV (火速救兵IV) since last week. The shooting continues and the finale invited Anthony Wong (黃秋生) acted as deputy director of fire services in the “brothers” (兄弟) story. He was the second highest in the fire services department and the director decided to invite Anthony due to his charisma and attention.

Anthony said at the drama set on 21st October 2018: “It is my first time to portray as deputy director of fire services in Elite Brigade drama. It is not very difficult as I have limited scenes but the firefighter uniform is very heavy which makes me realise the job is not easy and deserves respect from us.”

Deno Cheung (張松枝) and Anthony were full of charisma when playing director and deputy director of fire services. They looked powerful when wearing the “warrior suit” and giving the instructions. When mentioned about his filming partner, Deno, Anthony said: “Deno is quite fun and I believe he is quite dashing when he is young.”

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