37 years old Qin Lan (秦嵐) rises to fame after shooting Story of Yanxi Palace (延禧攻略) drama and shares her beauty secrets graciously with the public. During an interview in A Date with Luyu (魯豫有約一日行) show a few days ago, she revealed she was nearly disfigured in City of Life and Death (南京! 南京!) film in 2007: “Because there was many war and fire scenes. My whole face is disfigured with spots all over including my neck.

Other than the film, Qin Lan had to film drama and participate in variety show (舞動奇蹟) together at the time. Her face and neck were covered with pimples as she suffered from tremendous stress and lacked of rest. Qin Lan even had to run when going to the washroom in order not to delay the filming progress: “The doctor advised me to wear less make-up and I cannot wear it for 8 months. I was left with no choice and found a place to squeeze pimples in Beijing. It was extremely painful until my tears came down and the whole towel was wet. It was very scary and I was worried about disfigured.”

Subsequently, Qin Lan had been facing skincare allergy problems and her workload was increased drastically after Story of Yanxi Palace series. She lacked of rest again and spots appeared all over her body. It made her felt she was an extra: “Everyone is young and the online click-rate keeps rising. I have no time to monitor it.” When the host, Chen Luyu (陳魯豫) asked if she was willing to reduce the opportunity as the female lead due to her age, Qin Lan replied she was turning to 40 years old soon: “There is many opportunities if you can find a work piece representing you.”

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