Gillian Chung (鐘欣潼) and her husband, Michael Lai (賴弘國) shoot a Chinese reality show (爸媽學前班) in England earlier and it aired its debut a few days ago. In the first 2 episodes, both challenged different house chores and cooking and attending parental teaching lessons.

They had to challenge the “starting line experience” and the questions related to facing the children in the future. When asked if both would argue in front of the kids, Michael said: “I have no confidence.” Gillian said: “Please control yourself.” She added she did not cook for him before due to her busy workload.

Subsequently, they drew portraits for each other with their back facing and showed their love in the air. Michael praised Giliian had outstanding facial features and straightforward character. She remarked he resembled a nerd when smiling but was a thoughtful husband.

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