Charmaine Sheh (佘詩曼) revealed her opponent rolled her eyes at her when receiving Best Actress award on the stage at the time and Sheren Tang (鄧萃雯) naturally became the suspect during an interview in a Chinese show earlier. She said at an event at night on 26th October 2018: “Definitely not Sheren and I admire her very much. The host asked if anybody rolled her eyes at me and I could not say no. It is not my intention to hurt anybody.”

Although Charmaine rejected to reveal the identity, but she did bump into that person and maintain good friendship: “One grows up after experiences and we must show respect if we want the respect from the opposite party. Hence, I treat everyone nice and will make that person smile at me eventually even if she rolls her eyes.”

When mentioned about her role in Story of Yanxi Palace (延禧攻略) drama was nominated for Best Supporting Actress (中國百強電視劇最佳女配角) award in Huading Awards (華鼎獎), Charmaine felt surprised and was worried about the audiences detesting her initially: “I feel very honoured to get the recognition from the public and it does not matter if I win any award. (Playing a villain again?) Nope. It is best to stop now as I do not want to keep acting as villain.”

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