Charmaine Sheh (佘詩曼) was invited to a Chinese show, A Date with Luyu (魯豫有約一日行) as a guest earlier. She recalled of the conflicts with TVB’s Fadans and gossips during awards ceremony. Charmaine disclosed a fadan treated her invisible once during awards ceremony. Both were opponents and sat together while waiting for the announcement. At the time, Charmaine saw some amusing incident and told the opposite party to look but was ignored instead.

Many netizens reckoned the artiste whom Charmaine was referring to was Sheren Tang (鄧萃雯) who became TV Queen in 2010 after airing the show. When asked if she was the one who ignored Charmaine while appearing at an event on 26th October 2018, Sheren said: “Is it? I have astigmatism and have no idea even if someone rolls eyes at me. I will not roll my eyes at others as it is embarrassing if they ignore me in the public.”

Sheren also emphasised she maintained good friendship with Charmaine: “Our friendship resembles to a senior and junior. Although we do not work together, but we are school mates and keep in contact. She even asks me if I visit the teacher in the school earlier.”

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