Karena Ng (吳千語) turned 25 years old on 27th October 2018 and shared different birthday cakes on Instagram. She cut 7 cakes in total and definitely makes all her birthday wishes. Karena usually patronised branded stores when dating Raymond Lam (林峯) in the past and continues with the luxury life since she is rumoured to develop a romance with a billionaire, Brian Shi (施伯雄).

Karena shares her luxury life frequently on Instagram and spends majority of her time going out to sea during summer. She is also a frequent traveller and is “attacked” by the netizens as a result. Karena rebutted by uploading a photo of herself in branded from head to toe and and clarified that she paid the house rental, the handbag was given by a sponsor and demanded to stop the accusations. However, the netizens continued the criticisms and Karena left a message again: “It is better to ignore and not to clarify anything. It is very hard to be a good person.” She deleted all the messages subsequently.

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