Moses Chan (陳豪) and the team went for location shooting for TVB new drama, Assassin (殺手) to Taiwan for 3 weeks on 27th October 2018. As he is famous as a family man, his family will be visiting him in Taiwan later. Asking about whose idea to celebrate Halloween in advance, Moses said: “Of course, my intelligent wife, Aimee Chan (陳茵媺). She organises it every year and it is hard to find 5 identical tops within a short period of time.”

Checking if Aimee was pregnant again, Moses said: “No idea. Everyone is too anxious and thank you. (Preparing it now?) Nope and we are contented with 3 children. Plus we are busy working and let’s see how it goes later.”

When mentioned about the gossips related to Louis Koo (古天樂) and Stephen Shiu Jr. (蕭定一) invited him to join their companies before renewing contract with TVB, Moses was clueless and felt elated, but maintained a good relationship with TVB and unnecessary to change a new environment.

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