TVB Anniversary Awards ceremony is arriving soon. We will get to see all artistes dressing up glamorously and fighting for the awards again. However, Tracy Chu (朱千雪) has no work representation this year and will be sitting down comfortably to watch the ceremony as an audience. She was dressed in white dress at a racecourse event on that day: “Everyone loves to wear traditional and glamorous outfit whenever there is a major-scale racecourse activity. Hence, I pick a white dress with a special design hat and many people stare at me upon passing by the shopping mall earlier. It appears that I travel here by time machine.”

When asked about her mood once entering into the racecourse, Tracy said: “It is very lively and amusing to see everyone is cheering together.” Apparently, she learned horse riding in Australia in order to host a tour show 5 years ago. Tracy rode the horse in the forest slowly and felt good to explore the nature.

As Tracy was currently pursuing her law course, it will take some time for us to see her on-screen performance again. She said: “I definitely miss everybody. I am a normal human being since little and do not expect a group of fans to treat me very well. They support me regardless of my decisions and let’s see how it goes in the future. My top priority is to complete my law degree as I must stay focused.”

Although Tracy cannot balance her career and studies at the same time, but she has a stable relationship with her boyfriend. Asking if her boyfriend will be jealous upon watching her intimate scenes as he seldom supported her drama, Tracy said: “He understands me well and does not need to rely on television to increase the understanding. However, he takes note of my interviews and shows.”

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