Yammie Lam (藍潔瑛) suffered from mood disorder illness which affected her on-screen performances and withdrew from showbiz gradually. She agreed to accept an interview in the nowTV show (102觀星總部) in May 2015 due to working with the film producer (賀志良) in 430 Space Shuttle (430穿梭機) show, as a newcomer at the time. It became her last television interview as a result.

During an interview hosted by Joey Leung (梁榮忠), Yammie expressed she loved her role character in The Greed of Man (大時代) drama all along and assumed it was easy to play a student. The television producer, Wai Ka Fai (韋家輝) gave her a second opportunity and the filming was wrapped up after that. When asked if any particular scene gave her an unforgettable memory, Yammie said: “There was a scene where Lai Hyun (黎宣) acted as Adam Cheng’s (鄭少秋) mother kneeled down and begged for forgiveness and I was supposed to cry and tell her to get out of my house, but I walked over to one side and cried bitterly in silence instead. (Any favourite scene?) I asked Damian Lau (劉松仁) for help at the back alley. (Fail to separate your role character in reality?) Nope. I love to try other areas.”

Yammie added she was tempted when someone invited her to make a comeback in showbiz but not writing script and as a cameraman.

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