Sisley Choi (蔡思貝) is currently shooting TVB new drama, Airport Security Unit (場特警) and the plot illustrates she is undergoing training in the school and needs to use many stamina. Fortunately, Sisley usually goes for running, hiking and yoga and is able to handle the action scenes.

As Sisley lives in North Point district, she was invited to a new property launch in the same district and demonstrated yoga: “I like nature and love to go for hiking. Hence, I prefer to choose places nearer to my home such as Braemar Hill and can return home quickly and do my personal stuff.”

When mentioned about the delicious food, Sisley was full of praises: “The best part about living in North Point is there is many special cafes, restaurants selling healthy food and vegetarian restaurants. Also, there is variety of choices for organic food and it is perfect for me when increasing my stamina and pursuing a healthy lifestyle.”

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