The finale of Chinese drama, Story of Yanxi Palace (延禧攻略) ended long ago but the heavy obsession continues and latest rating record had exceeded 18.1 billion which established the best result in Chinese series this year. Although rumours related to Yu Zheng (于正) beginning the sequel are widespread, but his latest period drama, Zhaoge (朝歌) becomes the heated discussion in town.

Wu Jinyan (吳謹言) continues the lead role in Zhaoge series and played Daji, the favourite consort of King Zhou of Shang (妲己). She was a kind-hearted woman who loved freedom but her personality changed drastically due to possessed by a fox demon. On Weibo, Yu Zheng shared the conversation exchange with Jinyan and praised she put in full efforts, and tried to become the ideal role image in order to meet his expectations.

In the conversation, Jinyan performed a extensive research for her role character for 2 months and refused to eat everyday in order to lose weight. It was terrifying to see when she only weighed 80 pound and many netizens felt heart pain for Jinyan.

Conversation Details on Weibo:

Jinyan = J
Yu Zheng = Y

J: What is your impression of Daji?

Y: Gentle yet has perseverance. She used 2 months to do the research and finally transformed into Daji. I allow her to use a different make-up at eleventh hour after an accident.

J: Boss, I am too gentle and may lack of time for the preparation. How about I act as empress dowager? What is your impression of her?

Y: Uncertain and a hypocrite. She practised in front of the mirror daily and used her eyes to express her feeling. She became an empress dowager eventually.

J: What is your impression of Wei Yingluo (魏瓔珞)?

Y: Very thin and looks unpleasant. She refused to eat everyday and only weighed 80 pound. She experienced the palace life and transformed into Wei Yingluo.

J: What is your impression of Li Hao Lan (李皓鑭)?

Y: Allure and wise woman. She tried to gain weight and weigh around 90 pound. She practised dancing, singing and memorised the script daily. She managed to transform herself into Li Hao Lan. Anyway, it is the beginning only and we believe in working hard.

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