Bella Lam (林穎彤) celebrated her birthday with her fans earlier and said: “Feel overjoyed that my fans prepared a birthday party for me and my boss, Herman Ho (何哲圖) turned up as well. It is a happy afternoon for me.”

When mentioned about 2018 marked the second year for joining The Voice Entertainment Group (星夢娛樂), Bella said: “I try out many new challenges such as recording songs this year and thank you to the company for giving me opportunities. After all, I am a newcomer, feel very nervous and need additional time for the concentration.”

Bella added she was currently training for the 10km marathon in 2019: “Perhaps it is a habit and I fall in love with exercising.” She disclosed she would be shooting several commercials and having satisfactory income this year: “I am considered versatile and thank you for the appreciation from the clients.”

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