Although 82 years old Patrick Tse (謝賢) has a filial son, Nicholas Tse ( 謝霆鋒) and lives in a big house, but his love life become dry after ending the 12 years relationship with his Chinese girlfriend, CoCo who is younger than him by 49 years old in July 2018. Hence, he decides to shoot TVB new drama, Forensic Heroes IV (法證先鋒IV) to kill time.

Patrick confessed that he disliked single life: “I am dying of boredom as a single man and eat the meals alone. My life resembles to a prisoner. People continue to approach me and I agree immediately. My son shows his support when I am interested to shoot Forensic Heroes IV series and it is most important to do my favourite stuff especially at my age.”

On 24th October 2018, Patrick tried out his role image with Yumiko Cheng (鄭希怡) and Jacqueline Wong (鄭希怡) for the drama. He is known as a playful man and took the initiative to approach television producer, Mui Siu Ching (梅小青): “I beg the producer to let me shoot the series. I set a trap for myself and it is voluntary work this time.” Siu Ching disclosed she would give special treatment to Patrick: “We lack of budget to invite Patrick and I have arranged a team to take care of him. He is a nice man and does not mind shooting it for 24 hours.” Based on understanding, Patrick played a black triad chief in one of the stories and had many scenes with Michelle Yim (米雪). He would be slapping an actress upon making his first appearance.

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