South Korean star, Lee Joon Gi (李準基) was present at a fashion brand activity with Charmaine Sheh (佘詩曼), Carlos Chan (陳家樂) and Kathy Yuen (湯怡) in Hong Kong on 7th November 2018. Joon Gi was in a happy mood, greeted to nearly 100 fans and said love you in English as well. He said after trying to learn Cantonese from the interpreter: “See you next time and I love you!” Joon Gi revealed he would be coming to Hong Kong for a meeting session with his fans next year.

Joon Gi was staying in Hong Kong for 3 days and felt very touched upon seeing a big group of fans. He praised the locals fans were the best and said in English again: “I love you, love you again and again!”

He added he was looking forward to holding meeting sessions with his fans in Japan, Korea, Taiwan, Thailand and Hong Kong in 2019. Joon Gi watched Hong Kong films since little and imagined to relocate to Hong Kong in the past. In addition, he complimented Charmaine was a very stylish and charming woman, and felt nervous upon seeing her for the first time. Joon Gi forgot to greet her as a result and ever wonder if he watches Story of Yanxi Palace (延禧攻略) drama too?

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