Ruco Chan’s (陳展鵬) wife, Phoebe Sin (單文柔) is confirmed to be expecting since married for less than a month and many fans suspected she was expecting before the wedding. On 10th November 2018, Ruco shared his childhood photo and apologised by leaving a message that he could not change everyone’s thinking on Instagram.

Ruco wrote: “Many unhappy and unexpected incidents happened in 2018. Regardless of the work and mood, the god always prepares the best arrangement for me. I ignored my family earlier and feel grateful for spending additional time with my family and handle all problems this year. I also feel grateful to my wife for completing our biggest task.

I am aware of my friends feeling shocked and having mixed reactions to my wedding news. It is not within my control and please accept my apology. However, I will always remember my original intention and everyone gets to know me through work. Hence, I will continue to work hard and remember the supports and appreciation from everybody for the past 20 years, because you make my life exciting and full of confidence. Hopefully, our friendship will last forever!”

“The past experiences make one grow up and cherish the destiny. I hope everyone will stay happy and healthy and bring entertainments in different positions and role characters. I finally get to share the joy with everybody today and my baby is finally arriving! Thus, it is the biggest improvement in my life this year and hope you can feel my happiness too!”

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