Ruco Chan (陳展鵬) and Phoebe Sin (單文柔) were married in 13th October 2018 and he announced she was expecting online on 10th November. Thus, it led to the public speculated that it was double happiness all along. On 11th November during an activity, Ruco admitted to discovering the joy when preparing their wedding and said: “We only knew it when taking our wedding photos in England in August. I thought of announcing it immediately and decided to keep it a secret as Phoebe felt uncomfortable at the time and we believed the baby might be petty, according to the Chinese tradition.”

Ruco confessed he was having cold sweat upon announcing the happy news and many friends were curious if Phoebe was expecting before or immediately after the wedding: “I am not a machine and something will not come out after inserting it. It happened at the same time.” In addition, Phoebe had to apply leave from the film producer without any explaining the reason initially and Ruco apologised to him on her behalf.

Ruco predicted Phoebe was currently expecting for 3 months and the estimated date of delivery should be around April or May 2019: “We have to check with her personally and her stomach is growing slightly now. She is good in choosing outfits which hide it well.” He also praised Phoebe was an intelligent woman who insisted on holding their wedding ceremony at the yacht. When asked about the baby gender, Ruco said: “It does not matter and my wife prefers a son. (Twins?) No idea and I may become a father twice within 3 years.”

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