Looking Back in Anger (義不容情) drama will be rebroadcasting at night on 12th November immediately after The Gem of Life (珠光寶氣) series with 82 episodes. It is considered a classic drama with an excellent and exiting plot line which was filmed 30 years ago. Mentioning about the drama, the soundtrack is one of the discussions as well.

A drama usually has the main theme and sub theme songs. The main theme song (一生何求) sang by Danny Chan (陳百強) in Looking Back in Anger series is also a classic song which won awards previously. In addition, it used Chen Qi’s song (幾分傷心幾分痴) as the sub theme song and Mandarin version (一場遊戲一場夢). The love song will start playing in the background whenever airing relationship scenes.

Fortunately, TVB owns the copyright and can continue to play the old songs in the drama. However due to a copyright infringement issue, TVB could not use Beyond’s song (原諒我今天) in Blood of Good and Evil (原諒我今天) show around 6 months ago and it was replaced with Raymond Lam’s (愛不疚) song instead. Although the replacement song matched the plot line, but many netizens felt it was no longer the original version. This time, the audiences finally get to watch the classic drama with no changes at all.

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