Looking Back in Anger (義不容情) drama was rebroadcasted at midnight on 12th November 2018. In the beginning of the series, Yammie Lam (藍潔瑛) was disappointed with her husband, Felix Wong’s (黃日華) gambling addiction and her love for him started from taking care of him since young. She became a pickpocket and was arrested to the police station. Coincidentally, Yammie was involved in a murder case and put on trial after an unexpected pregnancy. Lastly, she was sentenced to death penalty due to giving fake testimony and questioning by the prosecutor, Ngok Wah (岳華) at the court.

In the second episode, Yammie was allowed to appeal but the death penalty remained. At the point, she had no reaction and resembled a zombie. Although she only filmed 2 episodes, but it is considered one of the classic scenes in the drama.

It is a pity that Yammie has left the world in reality and Ngoh Wah passed away because of an illness. Nevertheless, we used a different angle to watch Looking Back in Anger drama and appreciated Yammie’ brilliant acting skills. Her acting skills was quickly recognised based on 2 episodes and the film producer, Wai Ka Fai (韋家輝) accepted an interview at the time: “I need to find a beautiful girl to play the role and make the audiences’s tears coming down upon watching her death penalty. I have confidence in Yammie all along and she can do it. Many people told her to give her best efforts upon receiving the script.” During the shooting, Yammie approached Ka Fai to discuss the script several times and he also witnessed how she failed to control her urine scene at the drama set, so that they could discuss any problems together immediately.

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