Gillian Chung (鍾欣潼), Ken Hung (洪卓立), Vincy Chan (泳兒) and Angela Hui (許靖韻) donated their personal belongings for a charity drive on 16th November 2018. Ken appeared energetic despite announcing his 11 years ended relationship with Kathy Yuen (湯怡) on 13th November. He even played a joke that the item he donated could protect the safety.

Ken took the initiative to mention the break up during an interview and it caused attentions from the public immediately. When mentioned that Carlos Chan (陳家樂) was pointed to be the third party and Kathy used him to increase her fame, Ken said: “I really want to say something especially related to her materialism and dumping me after gaining little popularity.” His tears started to come down at the point and he continued: “It is fake news. 11 years ago, I did not even release a single album and the song (彌敦道) did not exist at all. In addition, I was heavily ill at the time and she would have dump me long ago.”

Checking about their marriage plan, Ken replied both established consensus to get married after 35 years old: “It happens a long time ago and we place our careers as top priorities. We do not simply separate because of the delayed marriage plan. (Do you feel heart pain when she is “attacked” by the public?) Definitely, regardless of she is my ex-girlfriend or a friend.”

Other than the gossips with Carlos, Kathy was also pointed to behave intimately with Ivana Wong’s relative, Gavin So, Ken responded he had apologised to Carlos in private and tried not to drag other people into the water. When asked about the separation reason, he said: “No third party at all. I am not talking about the details and it is hard to explain 11 years relationship through 11 words or 11 minutes. Anyway, we parted our ways because of our understanding towards each other.”

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