In September 2018, Angie Cheong (張慧儀) revealed her adopted son, Hanson would be undergoing heart surgery in October. Fortunately, the operation was a success and other than announcing the good news online, Angie also thanked the medical team and her mother who travelled to Hong Kong from Malaysia to show her support.

Angie said: “It is a very complicated surgery and he needs a long time to recover and regain consciousness. When Hanson wakes up initially, he does not even remember me and I feel frightened and terrified. Fortunately, he is receiving the treatments from the best medical team in Hong Kong and it is a smooth recovery process. Hence, I would like to express my gratitude to the doctors and nurses from division of child cardiology in Queen Mary Hospital. Your professionalism earns my respect and let me pay my respect to every noble medical staff.

In addition, I want to thank my mother travelling from Malaysia to Hong Kong in order to give me the biggest support. Thank you mummy. Lastly, I feel grateful to my friends for praying and blessing Hanson and me.”

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