Shooting Hong Kong series is always perceived suffering and Priscilla Wong (黃翠如) has a different experience after filming South Korean drama, Romance of 7 Days (7日羅曼史) with Danny Ahn (安信源), a member of South Korean pop music group, g.o.d. This time, she is given another opportunity to shoot Hong Kong version, Get It Beauty on the Road (走出韓妝教室) in Get It Beauty with South Korean artiste, Irene Kim.

Priscilla said: “We used 1 month to shoot a South Korean drama consisting of 5 episodes. It appeared that we had sufficient time for the filming but I only slept for 2 hours daily. The shooting in Korea is based on project and we tried to film many stuff by using the shortest amount of time.”

In order not to delay the filming progress, the crew team continued to shoot during meal times but were given a fixed time for eating when filming Hong Kong series. Priscilla said: “The crew team in Hong Kong allows us to have lunch at 12pm and dinner around 6pm to 7pm but Korean team will release us only when we are starving. They also prepare meal boxes in the vehicles and we must eat quickly before reaching to another location shooting.” No wonder Priscilla chose to surrender immediately and responded it was a blessing to shoot Hong Kong series when asked if she was interested to venture into South Korean market.

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