Tiffany Lau (劉穎鏇) was crowned as the first runner-up in 2016 Ms Hong Kong Beauty Pageant and discovered to meet up with the contestant, Wu Fei, (胡㻗) who was eliminated in 2016 Mr Hong Kong Contest at Mong Kok. They drove off in embarrassment and ignored it when the reporters tried to asked if both were dating.

Tiffany accepted an interview after recording the show, Sidewalk Scientist (學是學非) in TV City on 14th November 2018. She clarified they were good friends and was not dating Wu Fei. Mentioning about the intimate body contact in the car on that night, Tiffany’s tears begun to stream down on her face and said: “We are only chatting at Silverstrand Beach and do not expect to create any misunderstandings. He is not familiar with Hong Kong and clueless about the remote areas. We have no idea how the two words arise……” At this point, she started to cry and continued: “I have been working very hard and it is very hurtful especially to a girl.”

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