32 years old Carlos Chan (陳家樂) gains fame based on TVB drama, Daddy Cool (逆緣) 2018 and has been shooting commercials, films and dramas for the past 6 months. It is estimated that he has earned $3 million quickly and is pointed to view properties lately.

Although he has a smooth career, but his love life remains dry as Carlos ended his 3 years relationship with his old love, Jennifer Yu (余香凝) a few months ago. Despite of being a two-timer, but Carlos continued to defend her and it increased his female fans database as a result. He placed full concentration on his career and even revealed his muscles and played with the toy gun at a location shooting for TVB new drama (神探大戰) at Temple Street a couple of days ago.

In 2018, Carlos has filmed 4 movies including Buyer Beware (吉屋), Binding Souls (綁靈), Garage D (速戰) and House of The Rising Sons (兄弟班). The film director, Dante Lam (林超賢) also invited him to shoot a new film (緊急救援) and Carlos has been having a busy workload all the way. In addition, he was given the lead role in the web series, The Trading Floor (東方華爾街) and the film producer was Andy Lau (劉德華). Hence, Carlos won Best Newcomer (最佳新銳演員) Award in Huading Awards 2018.

Credit To: https://eastweek.my-magazine.me/main/82912