Benjamin Yuen (袁偉豪) and Mandy Wong (黃智雯) became TV King and TV Queen in 2018 TVB Star Awards Malaysia (萬千星輝賀台慶). Both accepted an interview together and Mandy felt shocked: “I performed badly during the rehearsal on 19th November 2018 and it is unexpected that I get to go up to the stage. I feel overjoyed and it resembles a dream to me.”

When asked if it increased her confidence in TVB Anniversary Awards in December, Mandy said: “Yes, as I lack of confidence and it helps me to distract my attention when shooting a dance show in Korea later.”

Benjamin always hoped Mandy would win award and it resembled to granting his wish. It was unexpected when he went up to the stage twice and mentioning about Carol Cheng (鄭裕玲) suggested Bowie Cheung (張寶兒) and he tied the knot, Benjamin said: “Not now as my career remains my top priority. (Increase your confidence next month?) I treat it normal and watch it as an audience.”

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