TVB drama, Fist Fight (兄弟) aired its debut on 12th November 2018 and one of the male leads, Matt Yeung’s (楊明) acting skills was recognised by the audiences: “I know there is many action scenes and my friends can accept it. It is a big production and an exciting series.”

Matt expressed the plot line was considered complicated: “It resembles to playing games and you must give full concentration in order to pass. You cannot proceed to level 2 if fail to clear level 1. I reckon you can watch it online in order to have a clearer picture. Hopefully everyone will show their supports.”

Matt admitted he always forgot to thank the people who made huge contributions during every interview: “Thank you very much to all action choreographers and I really feel unhappy when hitting them accidentally at times. They also have a hard time and nobody mentions it when the artistes hit them. Thank you and sorry for hitting them.”

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