Moses Chan (陳豪) returned to Hong Kong from a location shooting for TVB new drama, Assassin (殺手) in Taiwan during an event on 17th November 2018. As he stayed there for 3 weeks, Moses had been trying the local delicious food such as beef noodles and gained weight as a result. Hence, he was actively losing weight upon returning to Hong Kong and mentioning about involving the policemen when shooting action scenes in Taiwan, Moses said: “I encountered similar situations when shooting in Mong Kok previously as some bystanders assumed it was real fighting and lodged a police report.”

Revealing his wife, Aimee Chan (陳茵媺) was looking for Moses and telling him to return quickly through online post, he said: “No choice as I am working and the filming should wrap up in mid December. My family and I are planning to celebrate Christmas in overseas. (Your elder son, Aiden is turning 5 years old soon?) He wants a toy gun and I am still considering it. I do not want him to shoot at his siblings unless he is protecting them.”

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