It is the winter season now. Tracy Chu (朱千雪) and Roxanne Tong (湯洛雯) hosted the latest season of Fun Abroad (3日2夜) show in Hokkaido. It is their first time to host a tour show and Tracy said during an interview with HK01 (香港01): “We are friends for a long time yet it is our first time to travel together. The trip increases our understanding towards each other and boosts our friendship to another level.”

In the beginning of the show, there is hot spring and an episode aired on 18th November 2018 illustrated the whole content by using the word, eat. Both visited an outdoor market in Sapporo, OMO7 hotel in Asahikawa, explored the forest, shopping and eating together. As there was 5 locations consisted of eating, it suited their hobbies and Tracy said: “We love to eat and definitely buy something to eat whenever passing by convenience stores and beautiful dessert places. We will buy skincare products together and she recommends me many brands once off camera.”

Lastly, Roxanne said at the sea urchin hot pot store: “Good, another exciting moment of the day!” Tracy made fun of her: “Yes, because you gets to eat all day and it makes you feel excited. Haha.” Roxanne then laughed and said: “Yes, I feel happy the whole day.” It turns out her favourite hobby is to eat continuously.

Apparently, Tracy and Roxanne knew each other through 2012 Ms Hong Kong Beauty Pageant and became good friends subsequently. They usually celebrate their birthdays together and we can feel their close bonding in the show. During the “forest exploration” of the theme park, Roxanne made fun of Tracy who had fear of heights and was walking on a single-plank at high altitude. Tracy said: “Although she may look silly, but she is better than me at taking care of people despite being elder sisters in our families.”

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