Artistes always look glamorous on the surface and the public will never know their sorrows behind the scenes. Kenny Wong (黃德斌) shoots countless of drama and a recent film, Men on the Dragon (逆流大叔). Previously, he had no work assignment and had problems to support himself. At an event related to survival on 18th November 2018, Kenny replied he usually encountered work obstacles and the biggest challenge was no work assignment to an artiste.

Kenny revealed he experienced low peak in his career before: “I was extremely worried about no jobs in the past and begin to have a stable income in recent years. I did think of giving up when having zero income and an artiste is usually reactive. My friends will introduce other jobs to me and it is a failure as they recognise me. The interviewer always asked if I would go back to acting if gain fame one day and assumed I would not work long.”

When mentioned about his poorest days, Kenny replied he had a bun for a whole day: “I only eat a burger for a day and keep drinking water to make myself full. I also drink beverage supplied from the company.” He also thought if he should continue to work in the industry and decided to return to TVB as Kenny had no other alternatives at the time: “Although my salary is not high, but I have many filming and thank you to TVB. I did think of working in the back end and decide to stick to acting eventually.”

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