Andy Lau (劉德華) accepted an interview during the show (雲妮鍾情) hosted by his good friend, Vani who knows him for 28 years. They had endless conversations as both went through major surgeries in their lives.

Other than discussing his concert and falling from the horse accident in the show, Andy also mentioned about his love perspective: “Perhaps I am working in showbiz and feel touched easily when facing life and death matter. I experience different encounters in films and will make the role character realistic although the script has drafted the role.” He added it established his own love thoughts and explained it through A Moment of Romance (天若有情) movie: “I remember the love between Wah Dee (華Dee) and JoJo played by Jacklyn Wu (吳倩蓮). Is it love or friendship? I am very loyal to love and may choose my friends over girlfriend if they need me. It is the same for me in reality.”

Andy revealed he would choose to accompany his friend who was out of love even when having dinner with his girlfriend: “Let’s take JoJo for example. I kneel down and have nothing to tell her. I walk around secretly and the men do it openly nowadays.” He believed his love experiences were less exaggerating when compared to the films and having pride was the most important. When Vani mentioned Andy’s wife lacked of security, he seemed to have a second opinion: “Why? Let me ask her first.” Checking if it gave her a sense of security once Andy shared his family life in recent years, he replied it was to achieve a balance in his life: “I do not mind disclosing it but must wait for the right moment. My partner is used to seeing me but not others and it resembles to living in a comfort zone. We are together for a long time and understand each other well.” Vani then asked Andy if he informed Carol Chu (朱麗倩) before meeting her and she wanted to tell her that she was full of admiration for Carol. Andy looked sweetly upon hearing it and confessed his deep love for her as well.

Lastly, Andy and Carol usually went for holidays together when Internet was less advanced in the past: “Cannot do that now unless I am opposing it. Anyway, no and I will try my best and not announcing it simply because somebody takes photos of me.” He revealed his fans saw his family and responded it was a subjective definition when they asked if he could face the media in an open-minded manner. When Vani asked if he explained his occupation to his daughter, Andy asked her instead: “Why should I tell her?” He believed he could explain to her through lifestyle.

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