Ali Lee (李佳芯) and Carisa Yan (甄詠珊) were invited to the awards ceremony as the guests on 21st November 2018. When mentioned about losing Best Actress award in TVB Star Awards in Singapore and Malaysia a few days ago, Ali replied she felt contented to become TV Queen in Singapore last year and gave her blessings to Mandy Wong (黃智雯) who won the awards in both countries.

Asking if she had any confidence during TVB Anniversary Awards next month, Ali said: “Well, I assume yes but not eventually. I know I am not a hot favourite and thank you to the media for thinking of me highly. I already feel contented upon winning last year and what can I do when everybody assumes it is my turn this year? It is hard to predict and I believe Mandy has a high chance to become TV Queen again next month.”

Revealing Kenneth Ma (馬國明) suffered a defeat again and many people felt it was unfair to him, Ali reckoned he would become TV King and only knew the result once opening the envelope. She felt relieved that she was careful with her speech before the ceremony.

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