It is the first time for 32 years old Grace Wong (王君馨) to play a female lead in OMG, Your Honour (是咁的,法官閣下) drama and she has several daring performances such as revealing her hot body figure. A few months ago, she wore a red bikini showing her fit body shape in Maldives with her husband, Daniel as a belated honeymoon trip.

Grace expressed she had established consensus with Daniel that they placed their careers as top priorities and postponed their baby plan for 2 years, after getting married in June 2017. She invested in jewellery business with her friends in 2016 and had been trying new challenges other than her acting career. As Grace managed the business including marketing personally, it was expanded to Malaysia and there was 5 branches. However a couple of moths ago, she suddenly announced she had other plans and kept it mysterious until now.

Earlier, Grace was dressed in casual wear with flat heels to visit TCM at the Central and kept touching her stomach while walking. Ever wonder if she is pregnant? In addition, East Week (東周) discovered her husband and she were looking at properties in Tseung Kwan O lately and it looks like they are interested to buy a new flat.

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