Vincent Wong (王浩信) is nominated for TV King (視帝) and Most Popular Male Character (最受歡迎電視角色) awards but he was absent during the press conference as he was injured while filming The Solvers (解決師) drama.

At night on 26th November 2018, Vincent shared photo of his X-ray result on Instagram and suffered from bone fractures: “Both of my hands are injured for several days and the shooting for The Solvers series will be wrapping up after a few more days. My apology for absenting from the press conference as I went to see a doctor and discovered I had bone fractures. Anyway, please do not worry and I am only updating my latest condition. I realise I can ignore the pain when doing my favourite stuff after this incident. I can even play basketball on the following day and my passion is increasing. I decide to share with everybody so as to “celebrate” and let our passion continue as always!”

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