It is the first time for Grace Chan (陳凱琳) to attend an activity with Kelly Chen (陳慧琳) on 27th November 2018 after announcing her pregnancy. Grace expressed she had changed from eating sweet to salty food after expecting.

When asked if she looked forward to see her breast cup increased, Grace replied others would look at her waist and breast at the street. She explained the purpose of her dressing today was to match the organisation theme and not to hide the stomach: “I am very skinny and my stomach is slightly growing now. It is obvious once I have a belly.”

Checking about the baby name, Grace disclosed they would be choosing the English name while her parent and granny chose the Chinese name. Mentioning about wearing 4 inches high heels, she responded she wore for a short while and would be wearing flat heels later. Grace also had stopped filming series and her work temporarily.

Grace added she lacked of an opportunity to seek advice from Kelly and revealed a secret: “I told Kelly that Kevin always called me Chen Wai Man when dating initially. I let it go for a couple of times and finally told him when he called me the wrong name thrice: “Do you know I am Chan Hoi Lam? He usually calls me Grace and I told him I am meeting Kelly today.”

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