Ever since Edison Chen (陳冠希) and a Chinese model, Qin Shupei (秦舒培) get married and have a daughter, he becomes a family man and shares his family photos at times. However based on the news source from Chinese media, Edison is suspected to have an extra-marital affair with a model lately.

According to an insider, Chinese model, Naomi and rapper, Alrocco broke up because she cheated on him several times and one of the men was Edison. The insider also uploaded many intimate photos of Naomi and Edison and one photo shows both stand closely together and smile in front of the camera. Another photo reveals they kiss each other while conversing and it shows they have a close relationship.

Based on understanding, Naomi is “attacked” by the netizens once her cheating news was released and has closed the comments section on her Weibo account. At night on 6th December 2018, she even cut her wrist and her friend uploaded photo of Naomi admitted into the hospital. Apparently, the harsh comments posted by netizens caused her to suffer from depression.

Credit To: https://eastweek.my-magazine.me/main/83553