Carlos Chan (陳家樂) ended his 3 years relationship with Jennifer Yu (余香凝) in mid June 2018. Since he is currently single, Carlos has been placing full concentration on his career and rumours of him and Jeannie Chan (陳瀅) begin to circulate after filming ICAC Investigations 2019 (廉政行動2019) drama together in mid August 2018. Based on the news source, both were seen eating together in a Japanese restaurant at the Central and got along well. They then left the restaurant one after another and Jeannie acted as the chauffeur and drove Carlos back to his own house.

In the afternoon on 4th December 2018, Carlos attended the worshipping ceremony for new series (死因無可疑) and played a couple with Kathy Yuen (湯怡). Asking if Kathy felt it was finally resolved as there was new rumours between Carlos and Jeannie, she said: “Please do not say that. It is funny to hear his gossips though.”

Subsequently, Carlos shouted he was wrongly accused: “My friends are getting lesser and it is normal to have dinner together. I have no feelings for Jeannie and do not feed her food at all. I did not drive at the time and she gave me a lift to the train station only. (Which train station?) I am not saying it and we are not dating. (Any chances of development between Jeannie and you?) I am currently focusing on my career and have a very busy workload. I am shooting many films now and getting afraid of rumours. It was Kathy last week and became Jeannie this week. Anyway, we are colleagues and Jeannie is a girl full of loyalty and resembles Michelle Wai (衛詩雅).”

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