Cecilia Cheung (張栢芝) gave birth to two sons, Lucas (謝振軒) and Quintus (謝振南) after married to Nicholas Tse (謝霆鋒) in 2006. However, both filed for divorce after 5 years and their sons followed Cecilia since 2011.

Although 38 years old Cecilia is a divorcee, but she has suitors including foreign man, Chinese businessman (孫東海) and Taiwanese artiste (何孟懷) all along. On 29th November 2018, East Week (東周) received information that Cecilia had given birth to a baby boy at a hospital secretly on 25th November. Ever wonder about the identity of the baby’s father? Previously, he was rumoured to be a 60 years old businessman in Singapore and based on another news source from East Week, the baby’s father was a man with strong underworld connection and introduced by Cecilia’s father, Zhang Ren Yong (鬍鬚勇). Nevertheless, the man must have remarkable capabilities to win Cecilia’s heart and make her to have a baby for him.

While waiting at the hospital entrance on that day, the reporters discovered Cecilia’s mother, Davies Shally (戴莎莉) who was trying to escape from them. The reporters walked up to her immediately and when asked if she was visiting Cecilia after her delivery, Davies looked nervous and said: “Nope. Seeking medical treatment only.” As for her manager, Emily, she neither denies nor makes any responses until now.

Apparently, Cecilia loves children and it is possible for her to have another baby again. In February 2018, she shared photo of herself carrying a baby girl and left an online message: “I must have another baby again before 2018 and this is my goal.” When the netizens asked about her boyfriend’s identity, Cecilia hinted about her new romance: “Perhaps someone who works in another industry.” In July, she uploaded photo of herself having dinner with her family and posted another message: “Trying my best to have a baby daughter!” It goes to show Cecilia wishes for a daughter badly.

Cecilia has been living a low manner life lately and making less public appearances. Her last appearance was in May 2018 and she was dressed in a loose dress and appeared to gain some weight at an activity in Shanghai. A few months ago, East Week made an exclusive discovery that Cecilia wore a black loose dress so as to hide her growing stomach at a building in Admiralty. A male and female friend were seen to accompany her and resemble to her bodyguards. It is believed that Cecilia will have a strong confinement team to look after her after the delivery.

Credit To: https://eastweek.my-magazine.me/main/83460