Sharon Kwok (郭秀雲) and Flora Chan (陳慧珊) were present at a charity run event at the Central on 9th December 2018. Sharon hoped to increase the citizens’ knowledge about environmental and endangered animals protection through education.

Suggesting to invite her good friend, Elaine Ng (吳綺莉) to render her assistance since many friends supported her to join this activity, Sharon said: “She is currently busy working and we will be celebrating New Year together. (Keep in touch with Etta Ng [吳卓林]?) She is not in Hong Kong. (Hasn’t she return to Hong Kong after getting married?) Not yet. She needs to complete some formalities including her dog. (She goes back to Canada again?) Anyway, she is not here.”

When asked if Etta would be celebrating New Year with them, Sharon replied she had no idea and would be celebrating together if she was around. Checking if she welcomed Etta’s partner, Andi to celebrate together, Sharon said: “Andi definitely wants to talk to me but I reject to and will not show any respect to her. I believe as a teacher, one should love, guide, help the opposite party and have a normal lifestyle such as working. It is unrelated to the gender and age. We can resolve it and a normal human being should make contributions to the society.”

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