Hugo Wong (黃子恆) is heavily groomed by TVB in recent years and is involved in a sex scandal with a Chinese fan, Michelle. She pointed she had sexual intercourse with him twice and was currently pregnant for 4 months. However, Hugo denied he was the baby’s father but admitted to having sexual intercourse with Michelle. Hence, she threatened to expose his evil deeds and make him lose his job as well.

Despite the scandal, Hugo continued with the location shooting for new drama, Airport Security Unit (機場特警) around 4pm in Tsuen Wan on 5th December 2018. He appeared troubled with a frown expression while waiting with the cast team members for the shooting. Hugo only smiled upon chatting to the staff.

The scene illustrated that Hugo had to apprehend the criminal and managed to complete the shooting within 2 takes. His manager was present all along and the staff treated Hugo with courtesy.

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