Sonija Kwok (郭羨妮) and Myolie Wu (胡杏兒) participated in 1999 Ms Hong Kong Beauty Pageant and reunited in a new film (朝花夕拾 芳華絕代) lately. One acted as Anita Mui’s (梅艷芳) fan and another played her friend.

As both were mothers now, they shared many parenting knowledge and Sonija suggested that Myolie should begin to look for a school for her 1 year old son: “My daughter is currently 7 years old and we have been through many stages. My direction is lost and I have no expression when taking care of her for 24 hours. I manage to achieve a balance between my work and family subsequently.” Myolie expressed that she tried to balance between her on-screen performances and family.

When mentioned about the unforgettable scene during the shooting, Sonija replied it was extremely painful when her knee was injured due to knocking into a rubbish bin. She had to bear with the pain so as to continue the filming: “My daughter asks me what happens and applies ointment for me at home. It is very sweet of her and makes me happy immediately.” Myolie felt envy of Sonija and hoped her son would be caring in the future too.

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