Chau Pak Ho (周柏豪), Annie Liu (劉心悠), Joyce Cheng (鄭欣宜) and Alfred Hui (許廷鏗) conveyed health messages at an event on 8th December 2018. Pak Ho and Annie demonstrated cycling while Joyce and Alfred were skipping ropes, and it showed their excellent rapports.

Pak Ho expressed he had been undergoing rigorous training and restricted diet in order to prepare his world tour concert lately: “I feel it is bland and not a human life when looking at Annie eating chicken and vegetables during the shooting. Now, it is my turn and I finally realise it but it is an enjoyable experience and makes my body feel clean though.” He added he ate salad prepared by his wife everyday and gained 8-Pack abs as a result.

Pak Ho praised Annie was a beauty and believed women looked beautiful with fit body shapes. Annie revealed she was exercising daily for the ballet stage play.

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