Ali Lee (李佳芯) was given TV Queen (視后) award from an organisation committee during an activity at Victoria Peak on 9th December 2018.

When asked if she had any confidence to win TV Queen award during TVB Anniversary Awards (台慶頒獎禮), Ali said: “I have no idea and please do not ask me, as it will become a form of stress and many people will be disappointed if voting for me. I know many people support me whenever reading negative news about me and it makes me feel happier than winning an award. I feel relaxed now and will have pressure during awards ceremony on that night. (Any plans to increase the votes?) Other than the votes from my fans, I will try to attend additional events and accept interviews. Hopefully my fans will use actions to show their supports. (Any actions from your boyfriend, Danny Chan [陳炳銓]?) I forced him to download an app and he will be voting for me by telephone too. Perhaps I might ask my family to vote for me by telephone and try to think of ways to increase the votes personally.”

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